52 Weeks of Momentum ➚
Life Transformation Mentoring Program
8 step processes to have a radically different life in 2018 
52 Weeks of Momentum is a life transforming course that I have created and am excited to share with the world! This course has been designed with all who are serious about taking control of their life and changing their reality in mind. 
  •  If you want to get crystal clear on what you want and why
  •  If you want to achieve your goals, no matter how big, quicker and faster predicatably
  •  If you want to purge yourself of the beliefs, behaviors, and environments that are keeping you from evolving...
Invest in the 52 weeks of momentum course and let’s create a life that is less distracted reactive and instead, create a life that is proactive, clear, and by your design 
Are you someone who wants to set BIG GOALS and achieve them quickly?

 Do you want to increase your income?

 Creativity? Clarity? Confidence?

 Overcome Distractions?
For 52 weeks, or the course of a year, I will walk you through:
  • Weekly lessons to destroy your barriers and propel your momentum
  • A comprehensive tracking sheet to keep you and the group accountable throughout the entire year
  •  Gamification:
  • - Bonuses for those who are crushing it in 2018 and transforming their lives
  • - Penalties for those who are not consistently making progress

Journal Mastery Course
Let's Design Your Ideal Future Using Your Journal
Journaling daily is the most potent and powerful keystone habit you can acquire. If done correctly, you will show up better in every area of your life — every area!
I dare say that journaling is one of the most important things to do in your life. If done effectively, it will change everything in your life for the better.

•You’ll become the person you want to be.
•You’ll design the life you want to live.
•Your relationships will be healthier and happier.
•You’ll be more productive and powerful.

"2/3 of the way through the journaling course. The material is nothing less than amazing. Much more than a "journaling" course. I am blown away here. So many thoughts going through my brain. Bad stuff I need to get rid of. Good stuff I need to be doing or doing more of. And where the heck am I? Is this the life I want? or is it completely different? What truly are my end goals? This course has hit me like a ton of lead ... in a good way of course. All I can say is "Thanks Benjamin." Onward and upward."

--Rick Van Gurp
In this 5 module course on journaling, you will uncover the methods and strategies to craft your ideal future. We will explore the 3-Things You Need to Know About Journaling, How to Gain Clarity & Use your Journal for Creativity. 
  •  5 Modules help you Master your Journaling Practices
  •  4 Video Lessons to that take a "deep dive" into the strategies that you can use to create Massive Success
  •  How to create more Clarity in your Daily Routines
  •  Methods to Improve your Creativity in your business and daily life 
  •  12 Articles to reinforce your journaling practices and positive habits
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