About Benjamin Hardy

Hello, I’m Benjamin Hardy. The purpose of everything I do is to facilitate inspiration and insight—personal revelation—for other people. I believe the purpose of life is to learn, grow, and become. 

I know that you have the power to change yourself and your life in fundamental and profound ways. I know that you can overcome emotional difficulties that have kept you stuck. You can learn how to learn and expand yourself. You can become the designer of your internal experience and external environment. 

The purpose of my work is to help you get clarity for what ultimately matters to you and provide tools for living congruently and courageously. I want you to boldly live a life of meaning and purpose. This is only possible by dedicating yourself to something you deeply believe and by using your convictions to positively impact other people’s lives

I know you can become a person you love. You can shatter subconscious and emotional blocks through consistent and powerful daily behaviors. You can act every day toward seemingly impossible goals and then watch as all sorts of events and people come into your life to help you achieve those goals. Your life can change in ways you can’t presently imagine. You yourself can become someone far beyond what you can presently imagine. 

I believe this is why Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” 

And as you and your life transform, you will experience deep awe and gratitude for the opportunities life gives and for the people you meet. This is how you will truly be living your life. If you’re not learning, growing, connecting, and experiencing, then you’re not actually living. You’re letting life pass you by while you’re somewhere else. 

I know all of this because I’ve experienced it myself again and again over the past 10+ years. I barely graduated from High School due to the difficulties I faced in my childhood. I lacked purpose for my life and decided to spend 2 years serving a mission to help others improve their lives in small and large ways. I’ve studied psychology, neuroscience, business, spirituality, and marketing for the past 10 years. I’m nearing the completion of my PhD in Organizational Psychology and my writing is read by millions of readers every month. In January of 2015, my wife Lauren and I became foster parents of three kids. We spent over three years fighting for those kids and in February of 2018, we adopted them. My wife is now pregnant with TWINS (2 girls!) who are due around Thanksgiving of 2018. My most humbling and powerful learning happens in my own home as I strive to be a caring and present husband and father.

My hope is that through my writing, you can become clear and committed to living a more powerful vision for yourself and your life. Without question, you’ll be required to embrace the consequences and uncertainty of living intentionally. But as you do, you will experience growth and joy that are rare but completely available to all.